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A little party never killed anybody. Students are mostly young people who want to have fun with their friends rather than to sit in the library all the time and become a bookworm. Moreover, sometimes pressure and stress are so high that a small break is nothing but good.

It is wrong to assume that the more students study, the better. Sometimes, they can have a so-called writer’s block while writing another Wuthering Heights synopsis or a new phenomenon called burnout. In such cases, new emotions and refreshments are a must.

The only question that always poses a problem is where to throw a party. Accommodation and rent are always associated with big money. However, there are several tricks that can help you learn to rent luxury hotels while actually saving money.

Search for Deals in Business Hotels

As weird as it sounds, business hotels can offer great discounts, especially in Europe. The main reason is that business travels are seasonal. Thus, if you book a room during the summer, you can expect lower prices. The obvious problem with such an idea is that in a hotel like that, your student party can be significantly limited in terms of the number of people and the noise.

Look for  Options with Corner Rooms

Even though luxury hotels are usually expensive, there is a trick that can help you save per square meter. For example, always asking for corner rooms is an amazing trick. These rooms are usually bigger than the ones in the middle, allowing more space for you and your friends. However, in hospitality terms, corner rooms are often perceived as an upgrade. 

Go There at the End of the Day

Do not be the first one to check-in if you count on getting an upgrade. The best time for it is to check in as late as you can. In the evening, the staff will be more aware of the occupancy of the hotel, so they will be more likely to offer upgrades.

Do not Use Booking Websites and other websites are very useful for individual tourists, but they are aggregates that collect offers that hotels set through. They do not have comprehensive information about all the offers in a particular accommodation. Not to mention, aggregators also earn from the deals they list. Therefore, to save money and get the best deal, reach out to the chosen hotel directly.

Look for Award Nights

If you choose to book from the hotel directly, you can count on award nights. Large hotel chains allow you to earn points when you fly with certain airlines, dine at chosen restaurants, buy a gift at their affiliated stores, etc. Such loyalty programs can help you save a lot when you finally decide to book a room.

Book Last-Minute Deals

luxury hotel for a student party
Photo credit: Man Pan on Unsplash

Also, a great tip for a student will be booking a last minute deal. The majority of cancellations fall everywhere between 24 to 48 hours prior to the needed date. Lower rates become available exactly during this time. Therefore, do not panic and book last-minute deals.

Choose Non-Chain Hotels

Luxury is available in non-chain hotels as well. At the same time, such hotels are less strict about their inner policy. For example, Airbnb has recently launched its service allowing customers to seek luxurious or unusual offers. Students would be definitely surprised to find some excellent rooms and places offered at a moderate price.

Sign Up for Alerts

Many hotels allow their visitors to subscribe to their newsletters and receive emails about their best deals and discounts. Such email marketing can be very useful for a student looking for a nice place but willing to pay a reasonable price. Great offers sometimes come accidentally.

Analyze Hotel Price Index and Search for Bundles

If you are willing to travel to throw your party, you can base your choice on the information provided by the hotel price index. It shows the cities with the lowest prices available. Then, try to bundle your tickets with the hotel deals, winning even a greater discount.

Avoid National Holidays, Celebrations, and Festivals

The hospitality industry benefits from celebrations and events that are scheduled in advance. In your booking, you should avoid the periods of national holidays, celebrations, the world-famous festivals. If you choose such a date, do not expect there to be a discount.

Get a Student Discount

You should always ask whether the hotel provides discounts for students. In the majority of cases, you are entitled to up to 10% discount with every booking you make. Unfortunately, students often forget about the rights they have. Thus, keep your memory alert.

Final Words

Renting a great room in a luxury hotel almost always seems expensive. Of course, it cannot be that cheap, but it is still possible to save your money if you know some of the best tricks associated with booking and reservation.

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