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Yachts and super yachts are usually so well-maintained and so exceptionally well-designed that there are few things out there that can make those vessels look even more impressive.

Yacht flowers are one of them. Nowadays, yacht provisioning experts, such as Gourmet Deliveries, bring the freshest flowers to yachts worldwide, wherever those vessels are berthed. Flowers help create an unforgettable ambiance on a vessel and are perfect for illustrating the theme of an event during yacht parties and other celebrations. We decided to find out more about the luxury flower delivery to yachts by speaking with the representatives of Gourmet Deliveries, experts in the field of yacht provisioning.

Destination Luxury : What sets you apart from the competition?

Gourmet Deliveries: We have always specialised in yacht provisioning of fruits and vegetables, galley food and beverages. However, today we are proud to have our own in-house florist – Chou Chou, who is a designer “extraodinaire” when it comes to flower arrangements. Driven to create exceptional flower compositions, he earned an outstanding reputation for himself in the industry. We source only the freshest and the most exciting yacht flowers, allowing Chou Chou to create unique flower concepts and tailor them to the needs of every client.

Ordering yacht flowers from Gourmet Deliveries results in something extraordinary unique, tailored to the individual needs of every client.

Destination Luxury: What flowers tend to be popular on yachts these days?

Gourmet Deliveries: It all depends on the theme of the yacht and on the preferences of the client. But, generally, our clients tend to lean towards organic flowers.

Destination Luxury: What flower arrangements work best on super yachts?

Gourmet Deliveries: It is a good idea to use compact designs or tropical flowers.

Destination Luxury: Do you add anything else to your flower arrangements?

Gourmet Deliveries: As we mentioned before, everything really depends on the design and the atmosphere of a yacht and on the client's desires. We deliver everything, from galley food to flowers, to order, therefore, with us everything is possible.

Destination Luxury: Can crew order online or do they need to get in touch with you?

Gourmet Deliveries: In fact, crew can use both options. They can either order online from our website or they can contact us on + 33 (0)618 738 020. We suggest, however, that they give us a call after the order has been placed to make sure that there are no unanswered questions and that we have all the information needed for creating bespoke flower arrangements.

Destination Luxury: After some time certain flowers may die, what can crew do in this situation to preserve the arrangement?

Gourmet Deliveries: First, crew needs to ensure that the flowers being delivered are fresh, which is our forte. To preserve the bouquet, the crew is advised to check the water regularly and to keep the flowers away from the direct sunlight or air vents. Crew will also need to learn how to pull out wilted flowers from the arrangement without changing the theme.

To learn more about ordering flowers for the yacht from Gourmet Deliveries, visit their website.