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Designed in the shape of a handy and easily portable briefcase, the Sol8 solar power source is a good alternative for a less costly outdoor supply. Weighting only 10Ilbs this waterproof and battery powered appliance is useful for anyone who likes to work outside in natural light, or for taking to coffeeshops and bars to work remotely, without the hassle of searching for a plug. Use it for running laptops, DC refrigerators and GPS systems. Free energy as you carry it around, you need not spend extra money on fuelling it.


The LightCap is a solar powered water bottle that provides light wherever you are. Wireless and easy to use, you can easily take it hiking or camping to use during the evening when the sunlight goes down. Charge it for 8 hours to get up to 4 hours power. The bottle uses two types of light that can be controlled with the on/off button found on the lid and has a hanger so it’s easy to use it as a main light within a tent. The white LED is designed as a reading lamp and the red LED is a flashing light intended to be used as an alarm light. So if you’r’e attacked by a grizzly bear on a wild camp, the LightCap might just save your life!

3. Sol NRG charging table

Sol NRG have solved the problem that is irritating issue of digging around trying to find a socket in a bar or restaurant. In a day and age when we’re all on the move, reliant on the incredible benefits of technology and need to keep up with the changing times, this table makes it easy. If you’re in the hospitality business, this great piece of kit will be fresh novelty for everyone who passes through the door, allowing guests and clients to simply grab a coffee and use their device, stress-free.

4 Solar powered bike

Nicknamed the ‘solartrike’ this solar-powered bike can attain speeds of 15-18 mph for an average of 10 miles, or up to 25 mph (top speed) for less amount of time - charging time takes roughly 6-8 hours. Choose between a 200w or 400w motor which is put together with an 80w solar panel and 2x2 square steel frame. Originally designed with commuting in mind, this bike is also perfect for popping into town, touring and doing some light off-road cycling.

5. Solar aircraft ‘Pathfinder’

Spend a few quid on the solar powered aircraft. Named ‘Pathfinder’. The backup battery system can provide between two and five hours of extra energy. The downside ? You’ll not get anywhere fast with airspeeds of only 15-25 mph, though still in its very early stages, there’s a lot of potential to be seized.