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Superyachts and supermodels go hand in hand, both exuding extreme glamour. So, it’s no wonder that when models get to take a break, a superyacht charter is their escape of choice. Here, we have scoured Instagram for our top five favourite snaps of models living the high life on yachts… enjoy!

Who’s been spotted?

Who: Russian fashion model Natasha poly celebrates her upcoming nuptials in Ibiza, with her BRIDE SQUAD supporting her in full force.

Why we love it: Ridiculously long legs, air punching, matching swimsuits and caps: What’s not to love?

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Who: 22-year-old Californian model Carmella Rose poses solemnly at the edge of a charter superyacht in sunny Tulum.

Why we love it: We wish we looked that good whilst staring at our feet.

Who: Eva Herzigová, a Czech model and actress, larks about on deck as she is caught by a candid snap.

Why we love it: Eva is clearly an age-defying goddess – the 45(!)-year-old could easily pass for 18. We need to find her secret.
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Who: Half Mauritian, half Jamaican model Cheyenne Maya Carty takes the wheel as she poses in the bridge of a chartered superyacht.

Why we love it: Adoring Instagram comments include someone stating Cheyenne is the hottest Captain around. We happen to agree…
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Who: Kamila Hansen, the 25-year old Brazillian supermodel who rose to fame in 2010, gazes intensely into the camera on the deck of a large, luxurious superyacht charter. Why we love it: Taken at the iconic Hotel de Cap – Eden Rock, Kamila shows just how glamourous being on a yacht can be. (The answer? Very.) We’ve found our #holidayinspo for this summer.
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