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Whenever you are traveling, you are faced with the problem of staying connected. However, there is a solution on the market for global travelers - international SIM card.

TravelSim offers a product that allows travelers use one SIM card around the world. The benefits are impressive: you order a SIM card which comes already with an unlocked mobile phone and is delivered for free to any location around the world, you add air time and have a freedom of calling, texting and Internet browsing no matter where the journey takes you. Additionally, the company offers some of the lowest rates on the market, making global roaming an affordable service.

In addition to low roaming prices on calls and texts, you get such perks as a help of a personal assistant, who would guide you in the unknown place, or free calls from Skype on TravelSim numbers. Let's say you are traveling to Australia and then to Canada, you do not need to buy a separate Australian SIM card and then the one for Canada. Your TravelSim card has got you covered - no hassle, no surprise bills.

The company's rapidly growing customer base is a strong indicator of product's top quality.



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