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Opening in March 2014, Casas del XVI will offer guests a unique perspective on the rich 500-year cultural history of Santo Domingo. With a number of accolades such as the first cathedral, hospital and university in the Americas, Ciudad Colonial can now boast a hotel experience that can match its

Set in Santo Domingo's Ciudad Colonial neighborhood, Casas del XVI is described as the first hotel in the Dominican Republic comprised of an exclusive collection of newly renovated colonial houses dating back to the 16th century.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Santo Domingo's Ciudad Colonial is the oldest European settlement in the new world and is home to the first cathedral, hospital, customs house and university in the Americas. It is then a perfect destination if you wish to learn about the past of the captivating region.

Casas del XVI consists of 3 restored colonial homes that have been given a contemporary twist with the addition of local art and fittings. Each house has retained its own character and personality, which have been enhanced with special features to make it feel like home. Of course luxury and comfort is important for any boutique hotel, so you’ll find swimming pools, outdoor dining areas, libraries and bars in which to relax and enjoy your break.

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