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Fractional ownership is very quickly becoming one of the most beneficial and interesting ways for people to own a percentage of a property.  However it is not just property which can be purchased as a fractional ownership, condo hotels, classic cars, supercars, racehorses and yachts are among a

One form of fractional ownership, which is essentially seen as the upmarket end of the fractional ownership niche, is the private residence club.  A private residence club (PRC) comes at a higher price but includes more amenities, bigger units and the very best locations.  A concierge will also be on hand to arrange an owner’s activities during their stay.  As with basic fractional ownership, the buyer can usually afford the whole ownership price of the property but sees the advantage and benefits of only buying a fraction of the property. Some of the advantages include having maintenance and admin taken care of as well as luxury resort facilities, dining options and great locations.  Also, in terms of ownership and legal structure a PRC is usually the same as basic fractional ownerships.

The destination club is another form of fractional ownership.  With this type of fractional ownership the buyer will be entitled to a certain number of nights’ stay at a range of properties across the globe, typically including the US, Europe and the Caribbean.  Along with PRCs, destination clubs tend to be at the top end of the market.  Annual dues are payable as well as a membership fee but members can visit their favourite property or a host of other resorts around the world.

Exchange programmes are another concept that is becoming very popular.  A number of PRCs and fractional ownerships are associated with exchange programmes meaning that owners are allowed to swap some of their allotted time at their home resort for nights at other participating resorts.

Absolute World is a resort developer with a wealth of experience in fractional ownership, destination clubs and general hospitality. They have several luxury resort developments in the tropical paradise of Thailand as well as a constantly vetted list of partner resorts. For information on all of these types of fractional ownership and more, please visit the Absolute Fractionals website: or to find out about the Absolute World resorts in Thailand visit: