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Opened in 2011 by the founder of Red Bull, Dietrich Mateschitz, Laucala Island in Fiji is essentially a millionaire’s playground. The 3,200 acre island, which can only be reached by sea or by private jet, boasts expansive beaches with all the watersports equipment you could possibly imagine, stables and an 18 hole golf course all of which is shared by just 25 luxury villas. Now they must share a new luxury: a private submarine.

The DeepFlight Super Falcon is the world’s first resort based submersible and is perfect for venturing the clear blue waters of the South Pacific. The DeepFlight Super Falcon allows its users to get up close and personal to the enchanting coral reefs around the island like never before.

The submersible is a product of San Francisco’s Hawkes Ocean Technologies, previously suppliers of underwater technology to Hollywood film director James Cameron among others. With its two wings and two transparent domed cock pits, providing 360 degree views, the DeepFlight Super Falcon is more reminiscent of a plane than a submarine. The intention is to design a submersible that flies rather than ascends and descends. Such an extraordinary experience has interested some of the world’s wealthiest people, including Sir Richard Branson and Maeteschitz himself.

Laucala is the first resort to offer personal submarine experiences for its guests. Laucala Island’s General Manager Andrew Thomson, commenting on the arrival of the DeepFlight Super Falcon, said “we look forward to offering yet another exclusive and authentic experience to our guests with the new submersible.”

Plans for another exclusive deep sea submersible are already well under way with the DeepFlight Dragon also about to be launched in Laucala. Creators of the Dragon have called it "the lightest and most compact personal submarine for the superyacht and tourism markets" and have also pointed out that it is "the only personal submarine that uses solely vertical thrust to dive, enabling both flight and hover". Like all DeepFlight craft, the Dragon is positively buoyant, meaning it will automatically float back to the surface. Additionally, DeepFlight Dragon is the only personal submarine with a built-in Dive Manager which monitors all critical functions of the sub, which essentially enables easy self-piloting and eliminates the need for a professional pilot in a third seat.

Before getting too excited however, any interested parties had better beware. A trip in the submersible is not included in the island resort’s generous all-inclusive rates and so an hour’s trip can cost up to $2,000. With so much marine wildlife to explore however and with such a unique diving experience to be had, this may be $2,000 well spent.

Original blog material provided by Lesiure & Luxury