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Photo - Steve Loriller; some rights reserved
It’s historically been know as the “sport for a lifetime” but did you know playing tennis three hours a week even while on your summer holiday can cut people’s risk of death in half from any cause?
Stanford University professor Ralph Paffenbarger studied more than 10,000 people over a period of 20 years and concluded that the sport was really life saving.

Meanwhile other eminent scientists have also discovered that people who played tennis were less depressed, angry and anxious than those that did not.

So, when you are thinking of booking your annual holiday in St Tropez this year, perhaps it might be worth heeding the experts’ advice and finding a luxury villa with a tennis court It’s not just your body and mind that benefits from a regular game of tennis – and where better to thrash your opponent than under the cloudless blue sky of the south of France.

According to a report by scientists at the University of Illinois tennis is also good for your IQ – it may generate new connections between nerves in the brain. One final bit of research that could make the difference between searching for that perfect St Tropez villa with a tennis court – and not - is that competitive tennis burns more calories than going on a long bike ride.

What better way to get rid of the excess weight after indulging in copious amounts of delicious Rose wine and French delicacies than a hard game of tennis on the court right outside your villa bedroom. At Villa Lou Casa in Ramatuelle, this is a realistic goal. This beautiful Provencal villa is situated a short distance from the beaches of Pampelonne and boasts its own tennis court in a large garden of 18,000 m2. On the books of experienced luxury local real estate company St Tropez House, the villa has six bedrooms, five bathroom or shower rooms, and a heated swimming pool in which to cool off after a morning game of tennis.  The villa, which also has a fitness room and Jacuzzi, is rented alongside a two bedroom annex which would make the perfect guest house or quarters for staff.

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