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If you are looking to head off-the-beaten track during your Caribbean yacht charter, here are five of the more unusual attractions to consider including in your itinerary:

Swimming Pigs, the Bahamas

Swimming Pigs? Pigs might fly you say, but there really is such a thing! The guide books may classify Big Major Cay as one of the Bahamas’ hundreds of uninhabited islands, but that’s not counting the twenty pigs and piglets who call it home. In what must be one of the world’s most unusual tourist attractions, and a necessary addition to any Bahamas yacht charter itinerary, these friendly locals are quite at home in the shallow waters surrounding the cay, and happily approach passing yachts looking for not just food, but swimming companions.

Boiling Lake, Dominica

Dominica, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, is a teeny island found just south of Guadeloupe and quite unlike any other Caribbean experience. For what Dominica lacks in the idyllic beach stakes she makes up for with nature; her jungle interior is teeming with rainforests, waterfalls, tropical birds and even a volcano or two. Her most popular trek is a ten kilometre guided hike to the dramatically named Boiling Lake, one of the largest actively boiling lakes in the world. The steam which is emitted from the lake adds to the drama, creating a thick curtain of mist, as does the fact that you have to pass through the Valley of Desolation, a destroyed rainforest, to reach it.

Plane Spotting, St Maarten

It may be somewhat of a Caribbean rite of passage, but plane spotting at St Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport is a truly unique experience. Where else in the world has a public beach literally at the end of the runway, where you can be calmly swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, before the speck you spy in the distance becomes closer and you look up to see a jet underbelly almost skimming your head? If that sounds a little too close for comfort, the view from the beach bar, Sunset Beach, isn’t too bad either. St Maarten serves as a starting point for many Leeward Islands yacht charters.

The Baths, The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are one of the Caribbean's most popular yacht charter destinations. There is little wonder, given the unique topography of its many islands. Virgin Gorda for example, is one of the largest of these islands, featuring pristine beaches, classy resorts and great sailing conditions but it is also well known for its extraordinary national park called The Baths. The Baths are a rare combination of white sandy beaches and gigantic 40 foot wide granite boulders believed to have been formed by volcanoes. The attraction is unique in the Caribbean and offers the exclusive chance to snorkel in the clear blue water of the caves and grottos created by the boulders.

Moonhole, St Vincent & the Grenadines

It’s easy to understand why a St Vincent and the Grenadines yacht charter is one of the most popular Caribbean cruising itineraries. Called the ‘Jewel of the Caribbean’, this string of 32 islands and cays is picture perfect Caribbean. One of the least stereotypical attractions, however, is found on the island of Bequia. Moonhole is a private community and nature preserve founded in the 1960s, where large, open, waterfront buildings were constructed from whalebones and objects collected from the ocean. Today these skeleton-like buildings blend into their rocky surroundings and are best viewed from the sea, offering a glimpse into some of the world’s quirkiest architecture.